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Sunday’s episode of Blood Sweat and Heels found the ladies juggling life and business as usual, but it ended on a sour note, with Greg attempting to oust Chantelle from Demetria’s book release event. Let’s start from the beginning…

Daisy’s Big News

Daisy gets her final CAT scan, and the suspense is killing us because we want to know whether The Queen of Effortless Chic is cancer free or nah. Turns out, she is cancer free, but not out of the woods yet. The next phase for Daisy’s recovery is taking chemo pills, and the truth is, this battle will take years to truly overcome since we all know that cancer can come back. Daisy has been handling her battle remarkably for such a grave diagnosis. (Raise your hand if you would have been freaking out!) Daisy built her career on fashion, but hopefully she considers writing a book on how to cope with the Big C, because she is an inspiration.

Micah’s Potential Boo

Micah goes on a date with a man she has known for a while, and they seem to hit it off. However, Micah is apprehensive. With Terry, she jumped the gun, thinking he’d be the man she was going to marry. With the new guy, Kevin, Micah says she will wait until his representative vacates so she can really assess where things are going. He’s also shorter than her, but that’s not a strike just yet because he’s smart and Micah likes ‘em intelligent.

Arzo and Yestirday Struggle

Arzo and Yestirday’s relationship is mired in struggle for a couple of reasons. Arzo is a 37-year-old woman who can’t take her much younger boyfriend to meet her family because he doesn’t live up to her traditional parents’ standards. He’s not Muslim, Afghani, and he’s definitely not making money and…Arzo is pretty much supporting him. We get that it may be the traditional Afghani-parents-thing holding Arzo back from introducing him (especially if you saw them in the previous episode, they’re pretty strict), but it’s safe to say that most parents might raise eyebrows about their daughter supporting a struggle rapper. Yestirday has a lot of showing and proving to do.

The Main Event

Finally, we arrive at Demetria’s book release party. Demetria is nervous about the turnout, and sales, because she put this together independently, but it goes well. Women were out in droves to support, and it looks like sales are going to be good, but Demetria’s relationship with Chantelle…not so much. Chantelle feels that Demetria’s Q&A session (where silence is obviously golden) is boring so, she and Micah start chattering and making noise—think of a bored toddler constantly sliding out of the pews in church, that’s basically what it’s comparable to. This may be worse than Melyssa and Micah’s rowdy behavior at Geneva’s job celebration party last season. A fed up Demetria gives Greg the green light to kick Chantelle out so he summons a bouncer, but Micah and Geneva demand that she stay. According to the latter two, she isn’t doing anything terrible. That’s debatable, because Chantelle is definitely being obnoxious. Once again, Greg says Chantelle has to bounce since it’s a private event, but Chantelle refuses with the support of Geneva and Micah. Kicking Chantelle out is extreme, but she should have just left and spared her self the scene and side eyes as there’s no point in staying somewhere you’re clearly not wanted. Based on next week’s preview, this doesn’t bode well between Chantelle and Demetria, and it looks like a new beef will get tossed on the grill.


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