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Actor, comedian and talk show host Sheryl Underwood is used to rocking standup stages, but these days her main gig is as co-host of the CBS chatfest The Talk. Underwood says working for CBS has its advantages.

“I was at the fight,’ she told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “When you work for CBS, they send you places. Before the fight started, everybody started shaking hands with me, talking about ‘Hitman, when you getting back in the ring? Tommy, you’re looking good,” Underwood says. “Then Muhammad Ali walks out the door and says ‘Joe Frazier you still ugly.’

All jokes aside, Underwood says that her upcoming shows at Caroline’s on Broadway in New York City will showcase her best side – that of raunchy comedian whose best jokes are too hot for TV.

But she’s saving a few for the radio this morning.

“I love Julie Chen,” she says of her co-host on The Talk. “I walk up to her everyday and hit her up for $20 until payday cause she can’t never say she ain’t got it,” Underwood says. Chen’s husband, Les Moonves, is the head of CBS. Underwood says he’s a great guy.

“I see him and say Good morning Mr. Moonves. He goes ‘Look, Cee-Lo, how do you get a check from NBC and CBS at the same time? But I love your music!”

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Underwood has a serious side, though. Maybe it was inspired by her honorary doctorate from Benedict College after giving the commencement speech there last week, but Underwood took her time on the TJMS today to ask for help from Tom and radio host/comedian actor Rickey Smiley. She wants the powerful trio to do a big push to help HBCU’s, which despite the efforts of The Tom Joyner Foundation and others, continue to struggle.

“I think we need to do something really big for HBCU’s. If they don’t, our children will have no place to go. And they would rather incarcerate than educate. We have to stop police brutality but also uplift those that are doing it right. They sort of listen to me, but they really listen to you [Tom.] I have an idea I want to talk to you about. I’m so thankful and prayed up and fulfilled that we can come together again.”

She can’t meet with Tom immediately though, she has to let him know. “I’ve got another place to go. I’ve got to streetwalk for CBS. They’re like you’re getting this good check so you’ve got to work for it.”

Although she claims The Republican Party, Underwood says that she’ll support Hillary Clinton with some conditions. She wants to know if she spoke up in the long-delayed Loretta Lynch confirmation process, but also wants to know if Clinton is doing anything to support Obama in his last years as President.

“I’m still a Republican, because you need me infiltrating,” says Underwood.

And she’s an endorser for Depends, apparently.

“I have bladder leakage,” she says. “If you just had a baby, if you’re an old man [it happens]” she says. “But everything happened because I put God first. We got Wynonna Judd. How can you be working with a Judd? I want to sign with her, go on tour with her. We got Paul Shaffer from The Tonight Show, I don’t meet people like that!”

Underwood’s serious side resurfaces when she talks about her membership in the Divine 9. She’s a member of Zeta Phi Beta, Sorority, Inc. and has a message for her sorors.

“If we can ask each other to come to parties in our insignia why can’t we organize for the community? We must not let news people call us gangs, even if it was a mistake,” she says.

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