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Comedian Rod Z says he has an ulterior motive for the release of his comedy DVD, Homecoming. He is donating 20% of the proceeds to his alma mater Bethune Cookman College. The money is going to the Jarvis M. Smith book scholarship fund.

“We’ve got to keep them off the streets. They killing us left and right. We’ve got to keep these kids in school,” Rod Z says.

Rod Z has a unique distinction among comics – he actually performs standup in churches. He says those audiences are much easier than normal standup audiences.

“It’s a little less pressure. You don’t have drunk people – well, I take that back there are some drunk people at the church,” Rod Z says. “They don’t heckle you as bad. The only talking back you get is an ‘Amen.’ That’s where I started was in the church and in Bethune Cookman.”

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