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Human beings are actually very sensitive to light. So should light bulbs come with health warning labels?According to a article from CBS News, it should.

Lots of research has proved that artificial light messes with the natural circadian rhythms that regulate many of our bodies’ functions. Chief science officer of light bulb maker Lighting Science Group says,”There is a growing body of evidence [that] these circadian hormone disruptions [are] likely linked to various diseases– things like the growth of hormone-related cancers, such as prostate and breast cancer. [Light] could be a critical piece to many puzzles, like depression, fatigue, moodiness, lowered libido [and more.]” The Lighting Science Group announced recently that it would add warning labels to all its products, alerting consumers to the dangers of artificial light and directing them to a website where they can learn the latest research. The warning reads, “Exposure to certain electric lights may cause biological effects, some potentially disruptive.”

Do you think this warning makes sense, or is it going too far?

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