In New York City Nunez, who drives UberX, says he makes about $1500 weekly. He says that Uber is in demand and that after a year, he’s doing well. Taxi cab companies nationwide have fought the entry of Uber into the transportation marketplace, but have been thwarted in most major cities that Uber operates. The consumers have spoken – with all of the problems and issues of taxi cabs (Just try to pay a taxi driver with a credit/debit card in many cities where the option is available) Uber has caught on in a big way. And in many cities, even cab drivers have signed up and signed on to drive for Uber. Nunez was one of them.

“You do whatever is best for you, period. Switching from a yellow taxi to Uber is what was best for me,” says Nunez.

To become a Uber driver, click HERE:

You will need a car 2000 or 2005 and above, depending on your city. You must have a valid, clean driver’s license and be able to pass a background check.

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