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Yesterday, all of the rumors were confirmed: Rosie Perez is leaving “The View” after only 10 months with the talk show. She gave a tearful farewell where she ultimately decided it was time for her to move on.

“You guys all heard [the news]. I’ve decided that it’s time to move on and I will say that today is very bittersweet for me. I am excited for what is to come but I am so sad to leave The View, the staff, the producers, ABC and especially these two ladies,” she said pointing to Whoopi Goldberg and Nicole Wallace.

She didn’t give a reason for her departure, but we have our reasons why  we think she wanted to make a swift exit.

5. Whoopi Is Still Defending Bill Cosby

Girl. Despite his own admission of drugging a former Temple University employee, Whoopi Goldberg is standing by her friend. Yesterday, she announced that she was waiting until it was proven in a court of law before she turned her back on the alleged rapist comedian. If you watch the video, you can understand why Rosie wasn’t even on the panel that morning.

4. She Realized “The View” Isn’t Sh*t Without Barbara Walters

Let’s be honest: If Barbara Walters was still manning the ship at The View, we wouldn’t have to deal with nearly half of the b.s we’ve been dealing with this pass year. Despite that time she refused to believe that Woody Allen was a pedophile, Barbara kept the show going. Since her departure, The View has been struggling with low ratings and controversy. We’re starting to really understand your motives Rosie.

3. The View Ain’t Hot Enough For Rosie Perez

Rosie Perez is an original Fly Girl. She’s a Brooklyn chick, who’s always been on the cutting edge of fashion, film and music. So why the hell would she be banished to a show that’s delegated for grandmothers and caregivers? (No shots). It’s time to bounce.

2. She Thought The View Would Really Show Her A View Of Something Else 

She was so happy on her first episode!

As the first Latina co-host, Rosie may have thought being on the show would take her career to the next level. It really catapulted former co-hosts like Rosie O’Donnell (currently unemployed), (Elizabeth Hasselback (exiled to Fox News) and Star Jones (whereabouts unknown) to the moon and back. This show was going to be everything. But alas that was not to be.

1. Raven-Symone

This had to be the last straw for Rosie. After offending most of Black America with her comments about Beyonce, agreeing with racists and dissing Harriet Tubman (the nerve), Raven was officially named as a co-host on the talk show. If you had to sit on a panel and listen to Raven-Symone speak on world issues, wouldn’t you want to quit?



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