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Krystle Coleman

Name: Krystle Coleman

Title: Public Relations Professional, Writer & Creative

Education: Bachelor of Science in Communication With A Concentration In Public Relations /Minor In Journalism

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Briefly describe your day to day activities and responsibilities as a CEO & publicist :

Conference Calls, pitch letters to editors, bloggers, industry tastemakers, interact with clients through interviews, media training, strategy calls, focus groups, venue walk throughs, etc. The day to day responsibilities for PR reps varies, according to a certain project, event or client focus. However, if you are within this practice, everyday will consist of some form of communication, writing and public speaking skills. The job of a publicist is never ending, its a 24/7 career, even during my break time during the day, I am engaging in reading a new magazine or just looking at something creatively. When you are true to this craft, it feeds you brain, soul and heart around the clock.

Briefly describe what prompted your interest in PR:

I first became infatuated with the practice of Public Relations, through a series of internships in college trying to decide if I wanted to be a journalist or the person that pitches to journalist. I’ve always enjoyed reading and writing prior to attending college, and I just took that small interest and it manifested into showing an interest in a particular field and combined it with my book studies, internships and observing. Studying others in the industry that I admired, how they walked, talked and most importantly how other colleagues treated them with respect .

What suggestions regarding networking would you give to those seeking to get into PR?

Being a star PR professional starts inside of the individual, you have to make a decision to condition your brain and creative side; to always being thirsty/hungry for more. The beautiful thing about this industry, is it is constantly evolving, changing and modifying the routine pattern that consumers intake entertainment, sports and fashion through mass media platforms; so that makes it easy to always keep the fire under you. Fear of someone taking your spot, or being better should always keep you in the driver seat in the field of public relations. I also suggest reading. Read, read, read any and everything. There are lessons in everything, something as simple as becoming familiar with a newspapers editor and sending them a fruit basket is monumental if done properly. The thing about PR is it’s a feeling to thrive within this field, either you have it or you do not.

What are the major challenges in your role and what solutions have you deemed best to handle these challenges?

As a woman, some of the major challenges I have faced are gender role issues within the work place and ways to deal with this is just to carry yourself with more respect, you can always hold your self higher. Powerful women and men exude respect and a certain level of professionalism and seriousness, it’s a natural characteristic once you reach a certain height within your life. I like to think the older I get the more I put into myself through. God, self-help books and uplifting other women colleagues, is what cancels out any issues on how “other” receive you or treat you. If you want to be treated like an educated individual, you have to really be smart inside and out; when the cameras are on and when they are off.

What would you contribute your level of success?

My relationship with my parents and the confidence and powerful personality traits they have instilled in me from an early age. My faith is very strong and is what contributes to my daily motivation. After a talk with God, every morning I am ready to attack my agenda and objectives. Everyone needs a source of motivation and inspiration, but the key is finding it in a place you can always access. Inspiration and motivation can be found everywhere, but the important thing to remember is to self motivate. No one is built like you. Your power is your individuality.

Any advice for those who want to expand their career the way you have?

Study the mastheads in magazines, take writing workshops, study other industry professionals within the career route you would like to take. You can not be a mute, but you can also not talk the clients head off.  In public relations, there is a balanced medium with everything, so before stepping into this world, make sure you have that balance to perfection. Show no fear and give mercy.


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