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Season two of The View premiered on Tuesday, September 8th and co-host Raven-Symone talks to the Tom Joyner Morning Show about her relationship with Whoopi Goldberg, how she handles the criticism and much more.

“There’s actually more members than you think. We’re actually using Twitter and Facebook. Now we’re going to be incorporating the audience tjhat has supported us over the years into the Hot Topics. We’ve got a whole new set. The ladies on the panel, we’re getting along very well so far,” Symone said. “I’ve heard that The View is the most talked about talk show.”

Symone has that as far as her most controversial comment, it was her agreeing with a Univision anchor who likened Michelle Obama to a member of the cast of The Planet of the Apes. Symone was dragged on Twitter for saying ‘Some people do look like animals’ in response.

“I didn’t say anything about Michelle Obama,” she says. “I was speaking in general about people and because some people like to listen to what they like to listen to or read between the lines of whatever they think they are, or hear what they think they hear. It’s funny, I got to some people and they’re like ‘I look like this, too. I don’t look like a person sometimes.’

As for the controversy, Symone says it doesn’t bother her, but it does bother her family.

“If my momma didn’t read the comments….I’d be fine. Being that my momma sends me blogs about myself and asks if its true. She’s slowly getting it. She has wonderful critiques, not criticism, I’m learning to say that through my therapist…critiques…so we’ll see what happens. One thing my mom told me – ‘Opinions are like buttholes. Everybody has one.’

One fellow View member who Symone has bonded with is Whoopi Goldberg. 


“I don’t even call her Whoopi. I call her Auntie. Because she’s epic. She can do whatever she wants to. Her and Debbie Allen and my mother are the only three women that I can say I look up to.”

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