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After you get a cold, you want to do anything you can to avoid getting another one, right.

On the Today Show,

Experts recently weighed in on whether you should throw away your toothbrush after you get a cold, and the general takeaway is that there’s no need to do so. Charles Gerba, a professor of microbiology at the University of Arizona explains that since your body develops antibodies against the specific cold virus you just had, it’s very difficult to re-infect yourself. Dr. Heather Rosen, medical director of UPMC North Huntington Urgent Care says that the flu, stah, strep, e-coli, and yeast commonly live on toothbrushes, and that you should aim to get a new toothbrush once every three months. As for things like lipstick, lip balms, and mascara, they won’t carry your cold germs either, as they often contain anti-microbial ingredients. Potential germ factories that you’ll want to wash after having a cold include hand towels, bed sheets, and other porous surfaces, as they can hold onto the germs for a longer period of time.

This is some good information.  Please take heed.

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