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An African woman from Durban claims that she is Beyoncé’s mother. In a video that has surfaced the net, the woman says,

“My wish is for Beyonce to contact me. I have an issue to talk to her about because she is my biological daughter. I gave her away in 1984 to an American couple who visited Durban and stayed in the hotel where I was working. My reason for giving her away was to keep her safe. Because it was apartheid times and we had political unrest here in Durban. I then decided to give her to the couple to go raise her overseas. Years went by while I was looking for her until I saw her on TV and I was surprised. Her real name is Busisiwe, that’s the name I gave her. Then they changed it to Beyonce.”

She then went on to say,

“My plea is that she contacts me and comes home so she can meet her siblings. I don’t want her money, all I want is for her to come home and know her real family. The ancestors are not happy, they want her to know her real surname . . . She might experience problems in the near future in her marriage. To avoid all this, she must come and be introduced to the ancestor.”

This woman is loony tune!!  watch the video below.