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Good Morning,
I want to reiterate something I’ve mentioned before. Rainy days are very painful for small businesses.

This past week, Houston was hit by a devastating storm. Rightfully so, the focus has been on those that lost their cars, homes and the contents thereof.

But one of the things that has been overlooked, as I discovered through several conversations this week, is the loss of business.

I cannot begin to explain the excruciating pain of missing an entire day of sales followed by three days of sub-par sales while the rain lingered.

While these business owners may not have lost their cars or homes, the means by which they pay their car and house note was lost. How they feed their family and put clothes on their backs was greatly affected.

With that being said, I beg of you to get out and SUPPORT BLACK BUSINESSES……….IMMEDIATELY!

Help them recover from the storm, help them to grow into a position where they can protect themselves from future devastation, help them to grow into a business that can offer assistance to first responders and those devastated by the storm.

Be the sun, the rainbow, the flower that sprouts after the rain.