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HBO Ballers Season 2 Red Carpet Premiere and Reception in Miami

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Mark Wahlberg is saying that the powers that be over at the NFL are not pleased with his HBO series Ballers. In an interview with Mike & Mike, Marky Mark said,

“The first season of the show, the only calls I was getting were from guys like Roger Goodell saying, ‘You can’t do this,’ and various owners in the league. What we’re saying is, you know, it’s actually a good thing for the league and for the players, because if we get the word out there with the crazy stuff and the financial side of it, we can hopefully get these guys to realize that they’ve got to be more careful with what they do with their money.”

NFL exec Natalie Ravitz denied Mark’s comments by tweeting,

“It makes for a nice story but this call from @nflcommish never happened. Love Marky Mark (good vibrations is a classic) but this call from @nflcommish never happened.”

'The Other Guys' Premiere - London

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Mark Wahlberg is an executive producer on the HBO series which airs Sunday nights and stars The Rock and John David Washington (Denzel’s son).

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