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We are at the penultimate episode of Season 3 of Power. For those without an SAT vocabulary, that means next to last, as in there’s only one more episode until we have to wait an entire year for the next one. Sigh. Stakes is high for several characters as we wind down this season, no more so than James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick).

He’s being assaulted on all sides – his relationship with Angela is on the rocks, his son, unbeknownst to him, is being seduced by Kanan (Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson) and he and Tommy’s (Joseph Sikora) relationship is fraught with mistrust as they both try to negotiate the threat from Milan (Callan Mulvey).

Tommy and Ghost start out this episode at odds. Ghost knows that Tommy was at Milan’s warehouse, but tries to play it as though he doesn’t know to see if Tommy will tell him the truth. Tommy admits to it, but Ghost never says he already knew. Ghost doesn’t fill Tommy in on his plans to use Ruiz to trip up Milan, though, and Milan tells Tommy that Ghost already knew he was there, because Milan had him followed.

Nobody seems to trust anybody anymore on this show, and that’s especially true of Angela (Lisa Loren) and her former coworker/boyfriend and now rebound lover, Greg Knox (Andy Bean). They are sleeping together again, but neither trusts the other and that’s proven when Greg searches Angela’s briefcase to see if she has any more info on the Lobos leak. Turns out she does, as she has the burner phone that she’s been using to try and find out the leak in the AUSA’s office.

She texts the phone and Sandoval (David Fumero) answers but when both hear a helicopter flying overhead and realize they’re in the same office, they hang up. But Angela has found a credit card number that was used to buy a ticket for now dead Hugo, Lobos’ associate. Unfortunately, that lead goes nowhere as it was a prepaid card. But Greg, after finding the burner in Angela’s bag and photographing the serial number has better luck. His DEA contact helps him find out where the prepaid was purchased and he goes to check it out. When he does, he sees a guy coming out of the apartment building next door. Guess who? Sandoval. And Knox quickly finds out that the apartment was owned by Lobos.

Ghost is desperately trying to figure out how to take down Milan and it looks like Ruiz (Luis Antonio Ramos) is going to help. He’s going to wear an undetectable recording device to a meeting with Milan and Ghost. That meeting is to make sure Ruiz is on board with the pill-selling plan that Milan has mandated. In the meantime, Ghost has to handle the club owners, Andy and Albert, that Karen Bassett (Ivana Miilacevic) is doing the hotel deals with. He has Julio (J.R. Ramirez) sell and hide some pills in their club and then has it raided. He also handles a cocky Kantos, (Adam Huss) who’s working with the owners and wants Stern’s mailing list now that Ghost is out of the Karen Bassett picture. The nerve of this dude. But Ghost handles him by making sure he’s at Truth during the raid. No more problems, right, Kantos? Chess, not checkers.

Andre (Rotimi) is in between a rock and a very hard place. He tries to talk to Tariq (Michael Rainey, Jr.) about hanging with Kanan, but this kid is angry, dumb and hardheaded and thinking somehow that this grown-ass man just wants to be his homie. Rotimi tries to hint to Tommy about Tariq as well, but Tommy blows him off. Tariq tells Kanan what Andre said and Kanan tells Andre he’d better make sure his loyalties are with him, because if Ghost knew what was going on and that Andre knew for this long, he’d be in trouble. Either way, Andre’s in trouble. Kanan’s now encouraging Tariq to do things like steal sneakers out of the Footlocker on 1-2-5. (NY’ers know exactly where they were.)

In the midst of all this drama, Ghost has to do Career Day at his kid’s school. Tasha and Raina (Donshea Hopkins) are feeling his speech, where he talks about how his sacrifices for work hurt his family. Tariq, of course, is making plans to hang with Kanan. This leads into a lovely scene with Tasha (Naturi Naughton) and Ghost, where Tasha admits she should have been more supportive of Ghost’s transition into the straight life.

And that leads them straight into bed, and one of the most emotional sex scenes I’ve ever seen on TV. If you can communicate love, loss, need, pain, comfort and regret into one scene, you gotta give it to Naughton who does all of the above. She’s had the most growth as a character on Power and the most growth as an actress. However, once the sex is over, Tasha goes back into survival mode. Seems she doesn’t trust Ghost either. She calls Tommy and tells him Ghost is up to something to take down Milan and he needs to handle it. Damn, is anyone loyal to anyone anymore?

Latino actors are not faring well on Power and this episode is the end of the line for another one. Tommy figures out that Ruiz is in on Ghost’s game plan and after his meeting with Milan, he offers him a ride home. That’s his last ride. Soldado down. But guess who helps cover it up? Andre! When did this alliance happen? And what about that recording device – once Ruiz’s body is found, just how much potentially incriminating information got recorded?

In an episode packed with drama this week, very little was missing Except LaKeisha (La La Vasquez) Where is LaKeisha? Last we saw her, Tommy was walking into her hair salon and she hasn’t been seen since. She hasn’t shown up at work. She won’t return Tasha’s calls. Did Tommy kill her or did she take the bag of money Tasha left her and get out of Dodge? We obviously won’t know until the next episode. Maybe.

As for the fate of other characters – well, the show ends with Ghost and Tommy having a showdown when Tommy calls Ghost on his backdoor scheming. Tommy is getting colder and colder and he lets Ghost know that from this point forward that he’s calling the shots. So is meeting with Milan and telling him that Ghost must die part of that plan or is Tommy out on his own? Will we find out next episode? Guess we’ll see.

Quote of the Episode: “It ain’t getting us back together…is it?” Tasha

Who’s most in trouble in next week’s episode? You tell us…. is it Andre, Tariq, Greg, Ghost, or Sandoval? And where the hell is LaKeisha? Will we find a body or will she show up again in an unexpected way? I’m all out of guesses at this point.

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