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Father's Day

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Get ’em just in time for June 18!

1. A fill-in-the-blank journalfor the sentimental dad. Fair warning: This will probably leave him weeping tears of joy.

2.A leather walletfor the dad who needs to say “SAYONARA” to his barely functioning old one.

3. An Amazon Fire stick for the dad who would never condemn you for binge-watching a show. That’s love.

4. A barbecue apron for the dad who can recite Vito Corleone’s entire dialogue. Plus, can flip a mean burger.

Fathers day gift

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5. A waterproof phone case for the dad who’s always wanted to snap a picture of the Loch Ness Monster. Have at it!

6. A heat-changing mug for the HBO-obsessed dad, because no show depicts healthy parental relationships quite like GOT.

7. A barbecue kit for the dad who would be the star of Ratatouille had it involved any barbecuing.

8. A travel mug for the dad who’s constantly on the go. Or, you know, is just always running late for everything.

Daughter (6-7) hiding gift for her father behind her back

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9. A fitbit for the dad who could run 500 miles in the same amount of time that you could run one.

 10. A portable charger every dad needs. Why? Because they use all their battery to call you an estimated 70 times a day.

11. And of course, an entertainment center for the dad who should have been recruited by The Rolling Stones.

Father lifting son, son pretending to fly

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12. A camera bundle for the dad who enjoys complaining about iPhone photo quality. This will give you real family portraits.

13. A cold brew maker for the dad who is not a functioning human being until he’s had a sip of coffee.

14. A travel wallet for the dad who’s always traveling and for some reason doesn’t feel compelled to TAKE YOU WITH HIM.

father's day

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