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Tonight’s episode of Empire opens with Cookie having more prison flashbacks. She has been filling Lucious in on her past, hoping to help him get his memory back, and it comes to light that part of the reason he stopped visiting her is because he got freaked out. He tried to make sure the cops took care of her (at this point he was BET-famous), but after seeing her with cuts on her face that she got from a fight, he just decided to abandon ship. Amnesiac Lucious is disturbed by this and promises to make it up to Cookie by being the man that old Lucious never was.

As far as Empire business goes, Lucious comes back to work, which isn’t really a good idea, but he does present a good idea. Basically, there will be a competition to find the new face of Empire Records. Every Empire artist has to compete. The top artists like Jamal, Tiana, etc aren’t happy about this, of course. But Cookie likes the idea, and what boss lady says goes.


The actual auditions are funny because Cookie is brutally honest and Lucious gets on her about hurting people’s feelings.  LUCIOUS CARES ABOUT PEOPLE’S FEELINGS NOW!


Later on, Jamal actually performs for his shot at the top spot, but he has a guest on the song. It’s Warren, the lawyer/shady Dubois.

The song is really good. Too bad they don’t know Warren’s secret yet, though.

The Dubois family is still all in with their revenge plot. Warren filled Diana in on Lucious’ condition and Angelo paid Anika a visit to reminded her that she pledged her loyalty to his mother. Anika reminded him that his mother let her rot in jail for 5 months (Cookie actually got her out of jail), but Angelo then reminded her that the Lyons love no one, and gave her his card hoping she’d eventually use it if necessary.

And you know she will.


It’s Bella’s first birthday, which is also a reminder of the day Rhonda died so that kind of puts a damper on Dre’s spirits (but he still shows up to celebrate). The Lyon Clan is celebrating with a Princess and Prince (that Prince) themed party.

Bella’s party goes well at first, but things take a turn for the worst when Angelo shows up with an envelope that he’s calling “a gift.” Cookie demands to know why he’s even there and Anika claims she invited Angelo, and that one thing she has learned is that the Lyons will destroy everything they put their hands on. So, Angelo’s gift is court papers. He’s acting as Anika’s lawyer and plans to sue the Lyons for sole custody of Bella.

Hold up. Anika? The same chick who killed Andre’s baby and wife?!


Either Angelo isn’t aware of this, or he has some major chicks up his sleeves because what judge in their right mind would favor Anika over the Lyon’s?

Perhaps Leah was right to send her butt to jail after all.

Smh. It’s probably going to boil down to Thirsty working some of his dirty magic as per the usual.

Let’s meet back here next week!


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