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American Airlines is once again in the news for kicking a Black woman off one of its flights.

Briana Williams, a 24-year-old Harvard Law student, was traveling from Atlanta to New York when she was booted from one of American’s planes. According to The New York Daily News, Brianna and her 4-month-old daughter had to sleep at the airport in order to catch the next flight to New York after they were removed from the flight they originally booked.

Reportedly, Briana was forced off of the airplane back in late August after asking staff to return her baby’s stroller during a 5-hour weather delay.

Briana, who was also carrying three bags, reportedly asked the airline staff to return the stroller as soon as she found out the flight had been delayed. Attendants refused to return the item, and she refused to leave without it after being made to check it at the gate.

When the pilot was called over, Briana said that he had asked her where she works. Witnessed told The Daily News that he called police on her when she declined to answer the question.

She remembers the pilot being “very disgruntled and aggressive” in his demeanor towards her.

This news comes just days after Tamika Mallory, co-chair of The Women’s March, was kicked off of another American Airlines flight from Miami to New York. Briana contacted the Daily News once she read about that incident.

Like Tamika, Briana was also booted from her flight by the pilot, who did not appear to have any oversight in deciding to eject Briana from the airplane. She plans to file a lawsuit against American Airlines, which attempted to offer her 25,000 flying miles as compensation for the humiliating incident. Brianna declined the offer because much more is at stake.

“This type of unregulated discretion is a segue into discriminatory policy,” Briana told The Daily News.

“The pilot put me in a potentially dangerous situation with law enforcement as a young, black woman, saying that I was a ‘threat,’” she added. “This type of rhetoric paralyzes the African-American community, and I want to ensure that policies are put in place that regulate the pilot’s discretionary abilities.”


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