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From NBC News,

Tens of thousands of people in Southern California have had to evacuate their homes as wind-driven wildfires burned in the state for the second time in two months. Three major wildfires are burning and some 150 structures have been destroyed by the most damaging of them, in Ventura County northwest of Los Angeles, with more loss expected. That fire exploded in a matter of  hours, driven by strong Santa Ana winds of over 60 miles per hour. There were no immediate reports of any deaths from the fires, which caused two freeways to be shut down for hours and sent heavy smoke over the Los Angeles area. The latest wildfires began burning just eight weeks after the deadliest and most destructive wildfires in state history struck in Northern California, killing 44 people and destroying 8,900 homes and other structures.

Man, that is terrifying.  Praying for our family out in California.