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A substitute teacher at a North Carolina middle school was fired yesterday, a week after a video surfaced on him body-slamming a student on Valentine’s Day.

MyFox8 reports that the teacher, whose name has not been revealed was let go after the parent of the victim uploaded the video to her Facebook account. Her son, Jose Escudero says that after the teacher threw his box of chocolates in the sink. Escudero says that after he attempted to get the chocolates out of the sink after class and put them in his backpack, the teacher “grabbed him by his shirt, pinned him up against the wall and then threw him over his shoulder to the ground.”

The 12-year-old suffered bruises on his elbow, back and shoulder.

“This kind of behavior toward a student is disturbing and unacceptable,” Chief of Staff Nora Carr said. “We reported the behavior to law enforcement and will no longer employ this person as a substitute teacher or in any other GCS position.”

Both Jose and his mother are seeking legal action.