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Pretty sure parents of one high school in Georgia have a beef with FedEx. Students at Lassiter High School had to retake the ACT after FedEx lost the box of their original test scores.

220 tests in total are missing in the FedEx system according to a spokesperson close to the ACT. FedEx has since issued a statement saying that it is “conducting a thorough search” for the missing box of tests. Thanks to the re-test, students are now missing deadlines for scholarship and college applications.

Thankfully, some colleges have extended extended their college application deadlines but the ACT still can’t get certain details right. One student, who was received an e-mail on Valentine’s Day that her test was lost, found out that her re-test wouldn’t be at Lassiter High School in Marietta, Georgia but rather Marietta, Louisiana.

“I was really emotional about it for a long time. I was crying, I was just mad because how do you misplace a test?” student Carsyn Gambrell said.