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Nick Gordon has opened up about Bobbi Kristina’s death. During an interview , Gordon said that Bobbi’s mom, Whitney Houston’s death affected her heavily. He said, “Everything changed. She would cry and you know throughout all those nights I felt I couldn’t do the same thing. So it was just all this built up emotion that I didn’t get out as I’m sitting here trying to be strong for this person.” He also revealed that Bobbi Kristina suffered two miscarriages and tried to commit suicide twice, cutting her wrists.

On the negative backlash he’s received, Gordon said, “I think in a case like ours you automatically look at the significant other. And that’s in every case. But then the fact that it’s Whitney Houston’s daughter amplifies it. You know if there was something concrete I think I’d be in cuffs.”

  • As for the allegations that Bobby Brown recently made against Gordon, he said, “You know, I don’t care. He’s wrong and he knows he’s wrong. I met the guy. His daughter told him how much she loves me, how much I love her. You know what I was? I was a prince and then I became a pawn, somebody just to point the finger at. Now I won’t stand for it as long as I can fight it.”