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Woman tries dress for size

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Your closet is busting at the seams.

You know you need to start purging, but you don’t know where to begin.

Well, Cammeo Head to Toe personal stylist and fashion blogger Cammeo Murray says you can start by getting rid of some of the biggest wardrobe offenders.


You’re so not Forever 21 anymore. You bought the trendy, cheap piece for the hot-minute it was in style, and you haven’t worn it since. It didn’t break the bank, so it’s time to say buh-bye.


The skinnier than skinny jeans. We’ve all been there. We have jeans or other pieces from years ago that we’ve been dying to fit back into, but we’re a few sizes away from actually fitting in them. It might be time to come to terms with your current body or just be realistic that those jeans may never fit you like they did or just aren’t in style anymore. It’s hard, but it might be time to toss them.


You haven’t worn the piece in the past year and you forgot that you had it in the first place. If this is you, get rid of it. You haven’t missed it.


The maybe you won’t notice piece. It’s that piece with a snag, a hole or even a stain. You hold onto it because you like it and think people won’t notice, but guess what? They most likely will. Say goodbye to damaged pieces.