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Eddie Murphy’s 10-year-old daughter, Angel Iris Murphy, shared details of the abuse by her stepfather Stephen Belafonte against her mother, former Spice Girl Melanie “Mel B” Brown.

Mel’s mother, Andrea Brown, shared letters that Angel allegedly wrote to a judge amid the singer’s custody dispute, detailing that she is “very frightened” of Belafonte.

Brown finalized her divorce from the unemployed film producer in December, reaching an agreement over their shared assets and custody of their six-year-old daughter Madison.

However, Belafonte wants visitation rights to Angel. But Mel and Eddie, who allegedly is active in his daughter’s life, don’t want Stephen anywhere near the child. 

Mel’s mom Andrea hopped on Twitter on Monday to share pictures of three handwritten notes that she claims were written by Angel, alongside the caption: “A cry 4 help.”

It reads:

via — The first message from Angel reads: “Im very frightened of Stephen. When he is mad its terrifying. I never want to see him ever again it’d be like re-living a horrible part of my life.”

The next part of the letter details a fight between Stephen and Mel, who were married for almost 10 years, where he allegedly hit her hand so hard her nail came off.

“I dont want to see the man that caused so much damage to my mother leading to her living through a nightmare,”, while the second letter reads: “I got an amazing relation ship [sic] with my sisters, brothers, grandma and my father eddie murphy!”

In the last letter, which is signed off ‘Angel’, the writer claims Stephen was very strict, wouldn’t let her have a dog or eat at the dining table, and was always preoccupied with his computer.

“Im happy I dont see him any more! Now I live in a beautiful house,” it continues. “I have no more fear! I love seeing my real dad! and I love seeing my mother happy! Not sad! Please dont make me see him again.”