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It looks like comedian Tracy Morgan “isn’t ready” to comment on breakout comedienne Tiffany Haddish’s rise to fame. But, why is that?

Tracy did an interview promoting his TBS series, “The Last OG,” in which Tiffany is his co-star. Things took a quick turn when the host asked

How has it been watching Tiffany Haddish blow up?

Tracy harshly answered with:

We’re not gonna talk about that.

When he was asked why Tiffany was a topic to avoid, gave this cold response:

We’re not going to go there, because Tiffany is not the only one. This is Tracy Morgan, ‘The Last O.G.’ So if you’re going to ask that about Tiffany, ask that about Cedric and ask that about craft services.

He added,

Everyone that comes to work every day on that show. I love Tiffany, but how I run my set is different.

Comedian Lil Rel, who co-starred with Tiffany on “The Carmichael Show,” tweeted a clip of the interview with the response:

This is one hating ass dude right here that show would be nothing if @TiffanyHaddish wasn’t on it… Don’t bite the hand that keeps you relevant!!!”