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Friday through Sunday mark Tax Free Weekend in the state of Texas. For most parents, it’s the biggest weekend for back to school shopping. For adults without kids, it’s a pretty big shopping weekend for a lot of items you want under $100. In short, everybody wins. Kids get the hottest sneakers, adults get to stock up on school supplies, backpacks and more.

What Items Qualify For Tax-Free Weekend (Non-Parents): If your biggest desires on Tax-Free Weekend aren’t getting your child prepared for the school year, taking advantage of sales in jeans, shirts, suits, slacks, workout gear, swimwear, dresses and more are solid options. Even fall and winter options such as coats, jackets, sweatsuits and more are at your disposal.

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What Items Qualify For Tax-Free Weekend (Parents Of Students): If you’ve done one tax-free weekend as a parent, you’re well aware of their needs come later this month. Backpacks, composition notebooks, pens, calculators, pencils, lunch boxes, protractors, pencil boxes, paper, binders and more.

What Items Qualify For Tax-Free Weekend (Parents of Non-Students: We’re talking our babies here. The little ones who may not be getting ready for Pre-K but still deserve all the love and attention of a parent if they were headed that way. Diapers and in particular baby clothes are going to be in high demand.

Now that you know what’s available for tax-free weekend, you only need develop a gameplan to avoid all of the craziness that happens at the mall and major department stores.

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