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The Launch Of House Of Dereon By Beyonce And Tina Knowles

Source: Eamonn McCormack / Getty

Beyonce is a very very private person. She only shares what she wants people to know and she very rarely posts on social media. However, her mother Tina Lawson is a completely different story.

Tina loves sharing her life on social media. Often times, as can be expected, that also means sharing the lives of her family — including Beyonce and Jay Z. Over the weekend, Tina attended the Boo Bash Halloween party alongside her husband, Beyonce, Solange, and her niece Angie. Elated to be there, Tina took a ton of pictures and shared several videos.

Her Instagram page featured 30 posts dedicated to the event, despite it being Diddy’s party. Many of the videos captured Beyonce in rare candid moments and quickly went viral.

Tina said:

My Super fly ! His Foxy Brown! ??I have had fun today posting  ! But my daughter sent me a message this morning saying “good morning paparazzi TMZ” I hope you really enjoyed it because it probably won’t be a next time!!” she wrote. “I think next time they’re not gonna invite me, or they are gonna take my camera! What yal think? ha ha Ha ha ha!!!!

After realizing she was oversharing again, Tina changed the caption to:

My Super fly ! His Foxy Brown! ??