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Reverend Al Sharpton believes that there are important issues being discussed in Washington right now, but we also need to keep our eyes on the policing issue that America is facing.

Just over a week ago 44-year-old Pamela Turner was shot and killed in a neighborhood outside of Houston, TX. In the video she can be heard yelling “you’re harassing me” and “I’m pregnant,” before she was killed. Sharpton says her story as well as others”cannot go under the radar” as we focus on the “drama in Washington.” Turner was know to have been mentally ill and still, the officer used lethal force against her. The officer claims she reached for his taser but Shsrpton says that makes no sense because he had already tased her. As usual his excuse is that he was “in fear for his life.”

Sharpton is headed to Houston to speak at her funeral.


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