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Parenting is hard, but it’s so rewarding. There’s nothing like seeing your kids smile. Bill Bellamy loves and adores his kids more than anything! Which is why every Halloween he dresses up and “humiliates” himself for the sake of his kids. But this year, they wanted nothing to do with him.

Both of his kids are now teenagers and the gave him the “Heisman” last night. His 13-year-old son asked, “you ain’t got no party you can go to? I’m hanging out with my people.” And his daughter really broke his heart, she’s 16 and didn’t want to hang out with him, she said, “dad I love you on everything… but dad fall back,” and went to a Halloween party.

He thought because he dedicates so much time to his time to his kids, and does fun things with them they would think they’d appreciate it and think “my pops is mad cool” but nope. But that’s teenagers for ya!

Bellamy is performing at the Arlington Improv tonight through Sunday.

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