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If you have ever experienced a loss of a loved one then you know first hand who difficult it is dealing with the loss, making arrangements along with maintaining your life before the loss.  In the case of Vanessa Bryant we can only imagine how difficult it must be to have to arrange services for two, not to mention the memorial services for the public, dealing with whats been going on in the media as it pertains to her husband.  Enough to make a lot of us not want to wake up in the morning.

However, thank God for providing sunshine in the midst of a storm.

Vanessa Bryant after suddenly losing her husband Kobe Bryant and her 13 year old daughter Gigi in a helicopter crash, seems to be finding sunshine in the midst of it all through her youngest daughter 7 moth old Capri Kobe Bryant affectionately known as KoKo.  Little KoKo chose to stand at a time when most of us would just choose to lay, bringing joy to her mama’s heart and a vision of their lost loved one’s, Kobe and Gigi, to  Vanessa Bryant’s eyes.

A moment that Vanessa Bryant chose to share and let us know that God has got her, and she is okay.

We continue to pray over the families lost in that tragic accident and Vanessa Bryant as she weathers the storm.

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