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We already know that reality TV is an exaggerated and often unrealistic portrayal of female friendships, but we could actually learn something from Porsha and NeNe’s reconciliation on tonight’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. People who follow the show know that they have long had a falling out. Basically, NeNe said some reckless things about Porsha. Porsha responded with hurtful things, and just like that they weren’t on speaking terms. 

But tonight in Greece, they both put on their big girl panties and had a real woman to woman discussion where they apologized to each other and agreed to move forward. Just like that they were back calling each other big sis and little sis. We don’t know how long this will last, if at all. However, real life friendships could stand to learn a few key things from the way their talk went. 

Evaluate Your Friendship Potential

Ask yourself if it’s something you want to save. Weigh the pros and cons of everything you’ve been through. Think about the good qualities they have over the bad. If the bad outweighs the good then you should probably move on. If it’s the other way around then make a move to be on the mend.

Keep Communication Open 

Sometimes you just need space from each other to cool down and reflect. Take a break from each other but come back to chat when you’re both ready.

Remove The Ego 

You have to remove ego in order to have a productive conversation. Come open and ready to receive each other’s messages. Be prepared to apologize because you genuinely meant it, not because you’re expecting one in return. Once you exchange pleasantries and agree to move forward, then move forward without holding grudges or ever bringing up the drama in a negative way.


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