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Tyler Perry may be the face of what is considered “The American Dream.”

In a new feature written by Forbes, the magazine not only confirms that Perry’s kingmaker status in Hollywood is more secure than ever, he’s also the newest Black billionaire.

The 51-year-old according to Forbes has earned $1.4 billion in pretax income since 2005 and currently has a ViacmonCBS deal that pays $150 million a year for new content and also includes equity in BET’s new streaming service, BET+. Perry’s not only enjoyed the fruits of his hard work, he’s splurged a little with homes in New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Jackson Hole, Wyoming, not to mention two planes. Not bad for a man who was once writing plays in his car in New Orleans while homeless.

“I love when people say you come from ‘humble beginnings,’ ” Perry told the publication. “[It] means you were poor as hell.” It also makes success sweeter. “Ownership changes everything.”

Read the full Forbes profile on Perry HERE from his beginning in New Orleans, the Madea plays that became a cultural and Hollywood revelation and how he’s managing to film an entire season of primetime television in 11 days.

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