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This year, Radio One Houston is celebrating Women’s History Month by celebrating Black women in business, the entrepreneurs, the innovators and people helping shift the conversation on social media and more, brought to you by Alate Health. Today we celebrate Beatrice Dixon, the founder of The Honey Pot whose personal story helped change the lives of other women who faced a similar situation.

NAME: Beatrice Dixon

POSITION: CEO and Founder, The Honey Pot Company

Bea Dixon’s story begins with a dream. Dixon founded the Honey Pot after she suffered from bacterial vaginosis for months and couldn’t determine a proper remedy to the situation. In her words, an ancestor came to Dixon in a dream, delivering the ingredients for her to create a formula which was not only clean and effective but a feminine wash all could use. The Honey Pot Company is the first complete feminine care system and has products ranging from natural washes, wipes, tampons, panty sprays, pads, lubricants and other herbal products. You can purchase the products online and at Walmart, Target, Urban Outfitters, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Walgreens as well as Whole Foods.

Starting her company with a $21,00 loan from her brother, she spent three years working a full-time job to support herself while launching The Honey Pot. It wasn’t until 2017, when the brand landed in Target and a round of fundraising for Bea to quit her job and dive head-on into THe Honey Pot. And it all came to her initially from a dream.

The most important lesson she’s learned as a CEO? Easy. “Stay focused, get sh*t done, and believe in yourself,” she told The Helm. “I believe in myself. I know that anything I put my mind to, I can do. Hands down. I’ve really grown into that place to where it’s not even an egotistical thing, I can just say it and mean it and I feel fine about it.”