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Houston’s strip club scene is notorious for both out of towners and locals. However, one Houston man in 2014 found out the hard way about relationships with dancers at exotic venues and decided to take a woman to court.

Robert Wallace, 32, filed suit against a dancer with the stage name of Nomi, claiming he gave her nearly $3,000 including a laptop, his Harry Potter DVD collection and more. He wanted the money and DVDs back but Nomi claimed, “there’s no such thing as a stripper loan.”

The two met at Treasures nightclub and became friends. Wallace, however, said he was in a relationship with the woman but the dancer and comedienne said otherwise. In an interview with FOX 26, she recalled a time where customers had followed her home, where she’d had to switch gyms, jobs and even move.

Her being sued by a client was a first.

“He was becoming a regular, and we did become friends,” Nomi said. “And I really liked him as a friend. I still do.”

Wallace thought more of the relationship and loaned her about $2,000 and purchased a laptop for her.

“We had a dating relationship and on May 3, we had broken up,” Wallace told FOX 26. I know how stubborn she can be, so after waiting for a week for her to return my things, I decided to file a suit to get my stuff back.”

Nomi may have given a bit of a word when she was hit with the lawsuit, flat out saying she didn’t believe in loans.

“I don’t believe in loans because I don’t wanna pay anybody back,” Nomi said. “I’ve given him gifts too, I mean, how do I give my booty and boobs back?”

Wallace said he’s no longer dating strippers, and Nomi pointed out one really key fact to her: strip clubs don’t do refunds.

“No refunds in the strip club,” Nomi said. “I’ve even had people come up in there, ‘Hey, can I come up there and get a dance and pay you back?’ No, we don’t do layaway plans either!”

Now, did the customer have any possible way to win this case in small claims court? According to Gerald Treece, a legal analyst who passed away in 2020, it all depends on what one would consider a “gift.”

“It has no really great legal value,” he said. “It was ‘wow’ value, and it all depends on whose facts the court believes.” Otherwise, Robert may have to prove it was a business transaction gone wrong. “Assuming it’s legal, then he might just be saying he didn’t get what he bargained for. It’s a bizarre form of a breach of warranty.”

Due to the lawsuit, Nomi lost her job but ultimately, Wallace dropped his lawsuit against her, claiming he had a change of heart.

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