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If there’s one thing we love about Black Twitter, it’s that we’ll find a way to make a joke out of any and everything and nothing is off-limits! On Monday (October 4), Facebook and all its apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp experienced their largest system outage since 2008. The outage began around 1pm ET with everything collapsing simultaneously, taking out communication platforms that are used by more than 3 billion people around the globe in an instant.

With Instagram and Facebook down, many social users flocked to Twitter to share their frustrations surrounding the social media outage, sharing their disdain and conspiracy theories as to why the outage happened in the first place. But it was Black Twitter who changed the conversation from one of concern and suspicion to one full of laughter and jokes, using one of our best gifts of finding joy in any and every situation in real-time.

With both networks still down, what better way to spend our free time than laughing at some of the best tweets to hit the Internet? Here are the most hilarious tweets from today’s Instagram and Facebook system outage.

OneTwitter user turned this scene from the final episode of “How To Get Away With Murder” into a joke about the system outage, pleading with Twitter to not go down next.

While this user made an impromptu meme.

This user took this hilarious TikTok and applied it to the conversation.

While this user made a link between Spirit of Halloween warehouses and the Facebook office.

O’Shea Jackson Jr. tweeted a bit of advice for the platforms.

And evven Twitter joined in on the fun, making a joke about how everyone is flocking to the platform during the system outage.

Got to love it!

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