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Bakari Kitwana speaks with Minister Quannell X about a recent wave of police brutality incidents in Houston, Texas, targeting young Black males.

This issue is especially relevant considering the recent police brutality cases of Aiyana Jones and the troubling case of Chicago cop, Lt. Jon Burge, accused of torturing black men. Recently the alleged beating of 16 year-old Chad Holley by eight police officers heightened tensions in that city. Quannell X talks with about a videotape of the incident captured by an area business surveillance camera, which Minister X viewed and turned over to the mayor and police chief.

Quannell X is a Houston area community activist and leader of the New Black Panther Nation. He has been leading protests in that city in response to the beating of Chad Holley and the recent acquittal of police officers responsible for shooting an unarmed Robert Tolan, son of former major league baseball player Bobby Tolan, in his driveway.

Bakari Kitwana is CEO of Rap Sessions, Editor at Large of and author of the forthcoming Hip-Hop Activism in the Obama Era. (Third World Press, 2010).


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