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Our Favorite Buddy Cop Movies of All-Time  was originally published on

1. “Ride Along”

“Ride Along”

2. “A Piece of the Action”

“A Piece of the Action”

3. “Running Scared”

“Running Scared”

4. “Men in Black”

“Men in Black”

5. “Blue Streak”

“Blue Streak”

6. “Lethal Weapon 2”

“Lethal Weapon 2”

7. “Bad Boys 2”

“Bad Boys 2”

8. “Lethal Weapon”

“Lethal Weapon”

9. “Rush Hour”

“Rush Hour”

10. “Beverly Hills Cop”

“Beverly Hills Cop”

11. “48 Hours”

“48 Hours”

12. “Bad Boys”

“Bad Boys”