Denzel Washington has been voted the top money-making star of 2012. According to Quigley Publishing Company’s 81st Annual Poll of Motion Pictures Exhibitors, Denzel made the top spot based on his performances in “Flight” and “Safe House.” Check out the full list below: 1. Denzel Washington 2. Anne Hathaway 3. Hugh Jackman 4. Mark Wahlberg 5. […]

Blue Ivy — the name of Beyonce’s first child, has been voted the worst celebrity baby girl name of 2012. According to The Grio, over 2,000 members of voted on the best and worst celebrity baby names of 2012. 47.1% of participants voted that Blue Ivy was the worst name. Lion — the son […]

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According to Billboard, Beyonce and Usher have the top 2 most popular songs of 2012.  Read more here.

What’s on your list of great Films?  See the list compiled by the African-American Film Critics Association as they name the Top Films for 2012. Click here to READ MORE.

It’s been an eventful year in politics, one that will go down in history for several different reasons. Here’s NewsOne‘s list for the top 10…

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In 2012, there were a number of crimes that took place, which were heartbreaking, flat-out ridiculous, and outrageously shocking. Here, NewsOne looks back at some…


Via: THE CITY OF HOUSTON’S ANNUAL “HOUSTON SALUTES AMERICAN HEROES” VETERANS DAY CELEBRATION   Houston Shows Support with Ceremony, Parade, AT&T Veterans Job Fair and Walgreens Veterans Health Fair.   Mayor Annise D. Parker and the City of Houston will show support for our Armed Forces and celebrate the annual “Houston Salutes American Heroes” […]

Here are the latest results in the Houston Independent School District bond election. The issuance of one point eight nine billion dollars in schoolhouse bonds…

R&B legend Stevie Wonder has just released a new song showcasing his support for President Barack Obama. The song, entitled Keep Moving Forward , highlights some of Obama’s policies and plans for the next four years. Check out the video below.

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Tonight marks the final debate of the 2012 Presidential Election season. With each party claiming victory in the previous debates, this debate should be a no-holds-barred slobber knocker for all the marbles, or in this case, undecided voters. The good folks at CNN have compiled a list of things to watch for in tonight’s debate, […]