Kim Kardashian. Beyoncé. Lady Gaga. Rihanna. What do these pop stars all have in common? The fashion mixologist LaQuan Smith. Designing since age 4 and defying industry odds, LaQuan Smith has developed into a coveted high fashion designer. Graciously, he offered full backstage access and even granted a short interview, get this: 15 minutes before […]

The Essence Street Style Awards Block Party in Dumbo last week was the ultimate fashion party in New York City. From the fabulous fashion to the incredible food and music, TeamBeautiful had an amazing time hanging out with NYC’s most fashionable. Check out our favorite InstaVids from the party below: RELATED STORIES: The Essence Street […]

Nude. Flesh-tone. For decades, when these words were used, it was often to describe a peachy tan – not the multiple variations of skin color that exist among humans. In spite of the Black personal care industry being a $700B one, advertising dollars are, overall, disproportionately spent on White consumers. With African-Americans watching more television […]