U.S. District Judge Tanya Walton Pratt issued the ruling on Friday.


Autumn Johnson, the 1-year-old who was fatally shot and killed in Compton, was laid to rest on Saturday. Scores of mourners gathered at the Judson Baptist Church in Carson to say their final goodbyes to the toddler. On Feb. 9, as Autumn was lying in her crib, a hail of gunfire hit her home and […]

Jacque Reid talks about a new movement to end the stigma surrounding women and their choice to have an abortion. Reproductive activist Renee Bracey Sherman…


News92FM.com is reporting that women who are seeking an abortion in Texas will now have to receive a sonogram 24 hours before the procedure is done. The women can decide not to look at it or listen to the heartbeat, but they are required to understand and hear about the fetus’ development. It is now […]