Idris Elba is one the busiest men in Hollywood. Elba is known for his roles on HBO’s The Wire and his Golden Globe winning performance in BBC’s Luther. The 44-year-old actor is currently gearing up for the August release of “The Dark Tower” with Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey. The Hackney, UK native recently opened up about life in the public eye, advice he’s received from […]


President Trump admitted yesterday (June 22nd) that there are no recordings of his private conversations with former FBI Director James Comey. Days after firing Comey in early May, Trump tweeted, Comey has since testified before Congress that Trump had asked for his loyalty in private conversation and for him to back off the investigation into […]

In a new interview, Kevin Hart admits that things got so negative with him and his wife, Torrei Hart, that they would physically fight. The comedian and actor recalls the situation, now baffled that things escalated so badly. On one of the moments that he knew he had to change, he says: Me and my ex […]

Tamar Braxton finally shows us what baby Logan looks like.  She also shared with us that she felt like “this was the wrong child”.    Check out everything she said by clicking here.

More disturbing information comes out that questions Zimmerman Verdict. Click here to READ MORE.