What’s on your list of great Films?  See the list compiled by the African-American Film Critics Association as they name the Top Films for 2012. Click here to READ MORE.

Is it in the food?  Is it obesity?   Whatever the cause, boys in the United States are starting puberty earlier than ever.  CNN.com reviews a new study in the November issue of the journal Pediatrics.  Read More:


Via: defendernetwork.com While historically African-American high schools in Houston such as Jack Yates, Booker T. Washington, Kashmere and Worthing utilized the recent University Interscholastic League re-alignment to move into Class 3A, Fifth Ward’s Phillis Wheatley High School resisted the temptation. Due to dwindling enrollments of 1,000 students or less, Yates, Washington, Kashmere and Worthing have […]

Nearly a half-century after African-Americans were admitted to predominantly white Texas A&M University, a black student has reached the pinnacle of one of its signature organizations. Marquis Alexander next school year will become commander of A&M’s Corps of Cadets, a high-profile post that involves establishing the cadets’ dress codes for their military-style uniforms and setting […]

In a world where violence and cruelty seem to be common and almost acceptable, many parents wonder what they can do to help their children to become kinder and gentler—to develop a sense of caring and compassion for others. Raising kids who care isn’t a solution to violence by itself, but it’s reasonable to worry […]

Take the time to cultivate a state of being that opens your heart. Once your heart is open you can begin the journey that leads to an invitation to intimacy. Join instructor Robin Downes of Yoga Flava, as she guides you on a spiritually sensual healing journey through your energy centers (chakras). This video session […]


TOP 10 BLACK BUSINESS RESOURCES FOR 2011 By Dante Lee According to the United States Census Bureau, African Americans are 5 times more likely to fail in business than their white counterparts. Furthermore, of the 27 million businesses in this country, barely 2 million or 7% are owned by African Americans. There are tons of […]

Dr. Alveda Celeste American Christian minister, conservative, pro-life activist, and author and  niece of the civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. spoke out about MTV’s show “16 and Pregnant”

We are winding down the year and the family is home.  Here are some Family viewing choices for the week starting December 26.

I hope you enjoyed the Dr. Mercola interview. He provides so much hard-hitting and some say controversial information.  The next individual I am featuring is equally controversial,Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi has claimed to cure Aids, Diabetes and Cancer. He is known as a Doctor to the stars in the African American Community, he has been […]

Thinking of a worthwhile bonding activity with your family? Sing with them. Health Benefits of Karaoke: And here is great news – karaoke singing releases endorphins! Those are the “happy hormones” that make us feel good! In addition, karaoke singing releases stress and tension, and helps exercise the lungs. Check out this clip of the […]

By Nick Anderson Black male students trail their white counterparts in school by alarming margins and for reasons that are often not well understood, according to a report released Tuesday. The report from the Council of the Great City Schools, an advocacy organization for urban education, suggests that poverty is not the only factor behind […]