THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS The sixth season of Game of Thrones doesn’t start until April but new promo art appears to have spoiled one major cliffhanger from season five. Jon Snow is still alive. WIRED tweeted Kit Harington’s character with a bloody face with just the word April written above the HBO logo. There has been a lot […]

According to Pulse of Radio, Earlier this week Twitter launched an emergency alert service called Alerts. Twitter says Alerts is designed to bring accurate information from “credible organizations during emergencies, natrual disasters or moments when other communications services aren’t accesible.” Twitter says if a user signs up for the Alerts they will receive a notification […]

Via It’s true: Times are changing.  Today’s teenage girls aren’t getting geeked over soda pop flavored first-kisses and soph-hops; they’re asking for party buses to their Super Sweet Sixteens  and choosing Nuva Rings over promise rings.  But that doesn’t mean that mothers don’t have some obligation to preserve their children’s innocence as long as possible.  […]

Chewing gum might wake you up – a new study finds that chomping on some gum increases alertness by ten-percent. For the study, researchers scanned the brains of people who chewed gum and those that did not. Participants also performed a 30-minute test where they would press a button with their left or right thumb […]

via: Animals at the National Zoo began to act differetnly prior to the East Coast earthquake. WJLA’s Lisa Fletcher reports. See More

Authorities in Britain and Dubai found explosive devices on two cargo planes en route to the U.S. from Yemen on Friday. The packages were addressed to Jewish worship centers in Chicago. Bush Intercontinental is the 11th-busiest cargo-handling airport in the country. The Airport System centralized its cargo operations back in 2008. There are the major […]