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A defiant Donald Trump is expected to take the stage Sunday at the second debate against Hillary Clinton in St. Louis, Missouri, on the heels of one of the worst public relations debacles to confront a presidential candidate in the nation’s history. The town hall debate forum will take place at 9 P.M. EST at Washington University and […]

Nate Parker sat down with Anderson Cooper in a prelude to this Sunday's episode of 60 Minutes to discuss the controversy surrounding his alleged rape case in 1999.

The mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice came together for the first time on Dec. 12  to sit for a joint interview with…

Kendrick Johnson, 17, was found dead in a rolled-up mat a high school gym in Valdosta, Georgia authorities closed the case on him, saying his death was an accident.  However, his parents believe otherwise after a second autopsy was done. has the complete story.  Read more:


Comedian Chris Paul takes a hilarious look at today’s hottest topics. Okay, brace yourselves everybody because I have some surprising news.  DMX got arrested again,…

Watch Anderson Cooper talk to Juror B37 about the Trayvon Martin trial and how they came up with their verdict.


In the words of commentator Bomani Jones, “call [Charles Ramsey] what you want, but call him what he is, too”; a hero. Ramsey, who is…


Via Anderson Cooper responds to Star Jones accusation that he decided to come out of the closet publicly to boost ratings and says “she is talking out of her lying, irrelevant ass.” Read More