The actors have signed up for not one, but two Bad Boys films to hit theaters within the next couple of years.

If you’re anything like me I’ve been waiting the longest for the follow movie to’I Am Legend’ but without Will Smith, after trying to interest Will Smith to no avail Warner has ultimately decided to reboot the post apocalyptic movie, putting out what is likely to become a multi-film franchise. With recent productions like ‘World […]

Finally, Bad Boy 3 is on the way, I was so glad when I heard Martin Lawrence tell Conan O’Brien that there is a script currently being worked on, although there is no release date yet. Lawrence and Will Smith will reprise their respective roles as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Marcus Burnett, detectives in Miami […]

We all loved and laughed at the many characters on the Martin Lawrence Show. Take this quiz and find out which character you would be. Click below to view a picture gallery of Martin Lawrence over the years.


Target has pulled an offensive greeting card that mocks the deceased Whitney Houston.

Nothing is more intoxicating than dating a toxic guy. You know – the ones you would never introduce to your family for fear of being scorned; the guy who doesn’t come to the door to get you for your date, but instead lays on the horn of his sports car with adult-labeled ‘noise music’ blaring. […]