One of the Spring Valley High School students arrested last year is raising awareness about girls in the school-to-prison pipeline. Niya Kenny has graduated and now interns for a social justice nonprofit.

There's insufficient evidence to prosecute the White S.C. deputy who dragged a Black female student across the floor. Charges were also dropped against the teen and a witness who recorded the confrontation.


Following the horrific #AssaultAtSpringValley, the (AAPF) gathered a diverse panel of voices including students, educators and scholars to discuss how racial gaps in disciplinary policies foster an ineffective learning environment.

Resource officers are commonly trained by police, with each department setting their own standards of force towards students.

During the conference, Lott repeatedly failed to answer basic questions specifying what the student had done to warrant being disciplined in the first place.

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On Tuesday, Roland Martin, former Virginia Governor L. Douglas Wilder, and the NewsOne Now panel discussed Comey's comments and his explanation that increasing crime rates are a result of cops being afraid to do their jobs because they don't want to be video taped.

This really hurts. It appears that the only people out here defending Black women are other Black women. And within that act of defiance, we are punished for our courage. Niya Kenny took the pledge I am my sister’s keeper literally when she stepped in to defend her classmate while she was being dragged across the floor […]

Based on a viral video of Deputy Officer Ben Fields assaulting a Black female high school student, a local sheriff has requested that the SC FBI and the US Justice department intervene for an independent investigation.

Once again, a video of officer misconduct is going viral. A female student in a high school classroom in Columbia, South Carolina refused to leave…