This is the first graduation season in many years I haven’t done a HBCU commencement speech.  It’s been a busy spring for me though.  Along with…

“Honey, you’re 300 sandwiches away from an engagement ring!” New York Post editor, Stephanie Smith’s boyfriend, Eric Schulte told her when she made him turkey sandwich…

James Holmes doesn’t look like he’s all there. There’s the Crayola orange hair. The dazed look. The seeming inability to adapt his brilliance in the classroom to the world outside of it; a world of dating, friends and one with no clear rules.

I know that many of you heard that Michael Clarke Duncan, probably best known for his role as John Coffe, in “The Green Mile,” suffered a heart attack in his home last week. If you did hear than you know that his girlfriend, Omarosa was credited with saving his life by administering CPR until the […]

It’s funny how during the week of the Fourth of July, three news stories broke out that question freedom of speech, expression and religion. Chris Rock, who was hailed the funniest man alive…by white America, no less, sent out a Fourth of July Tweet wishing Happy Independence Day to white people.

So much has happened to us recently, bei it race, bad weather, etc, the only thing we must do now is STAND TOGETHER and not give up….Here is your morning man the Fly Jock Tom Joyner with more information… Fly Jock

I found this on one of the many Web sites I haunt: The average woman would give up relations for 15 months for a closet full of brand new clothes. Blink, then read it again. I’ll even bold and all-caps it to make it a little bit easier. THE AVERAGE WOMAN WOULD GIVE UP RELATIONS FOR 15 […]

Like most of the world, I was shocked by the passing of Whitney Houston, and now that reports and speculation of how she may have died are pouring in, my heart goes out even more to her family and close friends. Fly Jock


The highly anticipated movie “Red Tails” hits theatres this Friday, Jan. 20th.  “Red Tails” stars Cuba Gooding Jr., Terrence Howard and Ne-Yo, among others, and tells the real-life account of the Tuskegee Airmen, an all-black World War II fighter pilot squad.

Hi. My name is Sybil. I work, rarely take a sick day, pay  my mortgage and other bills on time, tithe, volunteer, vote in most elections, check in with my relatives from time to time, floss daily, remember most birthdays – but apparently, what I don’t do is blog enough.

As you know, over the Christmas holiday, I had hip replacement surgery. I want to thank my friend Skip Murphy for sitting in, doing an excellent job and keeping things “on the one.” Fly Jock