The beautiful 7-year-old has more hair than some of y'all's entire bloodline combined.


Tina Lawson said that her granddaughter, Blue Ivy, encouraged her to marry Richard Lawson when she was three-years-old. According to The Jasmine Brand, Beyoncé’s mom appeared on OWN’s Black Love docuseries and revealed that Blue Ivy questioned when she would be getting married. Lawson said, “And then, after that [her 60th birthday party], I went on boat with Beyoncé, Jay, and Blue and one […]

Even though Easter is weeks away, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy are already in the holiday spirit.

While Adele won album of the year, she has clearly won big in Beyoncé‘s heart. Adele dedicated part of her award to Beyoncé, while simultaneously slighting the Academy. To further the Bey support, Adele wore a green Givenchy dress on the red carpet with a lemonade pin and shouting out the Beyhive! Here, take a closer […]

Blue Ivy was chilling on a balcony in NOLA when she was spotted by some fans, but it’s her reaction that has the Internet laughing out loud. The short clip of Blue is already being turned into a meme. And the Internet is undefeated. RELATED STORIES: Beyonce, Jay Z & Blue Ivy’s Family […]

The recording artist stopped by HelloLive! to talk beauty tips, performing with Beyoncé, her new music, and more!

In celebration of the momentous occasion, she's spending her born day like none other: With the Obamas.