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Apparently black hair continues to bother “others,” an issue that also continues to trickle down into work environments. It’s being reported that one of the world’s biggest retails chains, Banana Republic, is facing a $1 million lawsuit for discriminating against a black former employee’s hair. https://twitter.com/TMZ/status/930197853699416064 In a new report from TMZ, 19-year-old Destiny Tompkins […]

Cornrows started out as more than just style...it was about survival.


The Bournemouth University graduate got a wake-up call from her potential employer, who contacted her via email and said she could not work for them unless she was willing to change her braided hairstyle.

Marie Claire met #BlackTwitter on Wednesday, after the magazine tweeted a picture of Kendall Jenner wearing her hair partially cornrowed and labeling the style as “bold”…

This season is all about fun and funky braided hairstyles! From fishtail braids to goddess braids, the twisted and mounted hair can be seen on…


If you’re looking for new ways to style your hair this spring, make it the trend everyone will be talking about this season: braids. These are not your typical over-and-under braid from grade school. Here are 5 looks we spotted on Pinterest that we’re obsessed with.

A recent study of middle aged black women reveals that nearly 30% have sustained permanent scalp and hair damage, possibly due to tight braids and weaves. Black women often maintain these styles for long periods of time, and the stress they exert on the scalp can lead to the development of pus-filled bumps, says the […]