Beyonce has responded to Messy Mya’s estate’s $20 million lawsuit over her record, “Formation.” According to The Jasmine Brand, Bey’s legal team appeared in court last week demanding that the lawsuit be dismissed. Bey has said that the estate “grossly overstated” the use of the late Messy Mya’s YouTube video. Bey went on to say […]

Check out Alicia Keys’ remix to “Brand New Me” called “B.N.M. Part 2”.  She samples “The Percolator”  and Crystal Waters.  Listen below.

Via Be careful what you post on social networking sites, it could effect your brand.   Check out for more.


Last week, it was reported that Facebook had reserved the symbol FB for use “on either exchange.” Wait a second, a two-letter symbol? There was a time that one  could tell at a glance whether a company was listed on the NASDAQ or NYSE. Doesn’t that mean anything anymore? has the story.  Read More: