Bryshere Gray

The rocky road has not ended for the Philly actor as he was accused of assaulting his wife.

Bryshere Gray may have been the “top dog” on the hit show, Empire, but it seems his dog in real life is being accused of causing some pretty extensive damages at his rental home and the landlord wants the money back. According to TMZ, Chicago landlords Vinod Venugopal and Payal Shah sued the Empire star after claiming that […]

It’s a good thing that this is the last season for FOX Empire, because not only is the show going up in flames in the ratings so is the cast. First Jamal aka Lussie Smollett with the alleged attack, now Hakeem aka Bryshere Gray is being accused of relieving mucus onto a 7-Eleven store floor. […]

Bryshere Gray, known for his role on Fox’s Empire was arrested in Chicago last week after he was pulled over due to registration issues. The tags on Gray’s 2014 Rolls-Royce didn’t match his vehicle nor did Gray have a license or insurance. He was booked on a misdemeanor charge of registration that was not authorized on […]

#BlackTwitter was on fire last night while watching 'The New Edition Story' on BET.

The cast of 'The New Edition Story' open up about their journey to becoming New Edition.

Bryshere Gray and Serayah may have had a thing on-screen, but in real life, the two stars of Fox’s hit show Empire, are just friends…at least for now.   They tell Seventeen magazine in their Decemeber/January issue that all bets are off, as of now. “She’s a cool girl,” Yazz told the magazine. “She’s very […]

A new ad targeting Donald Trump contains an appeal to African-American voters by cast members from FOX's hit show Empire.

Lucious tried hard to get Cookie back on his team, but she's not feeling it.

Empire star Bryshere Gray has landed a leading role in the upcoming New Edition biopic. Gray will play Michael Bivens as an adult, while Dante Hoagland will play Biv as a child. The Wiz Live! star Elijah Kelly will play Ricky Bell, while Caleb McLaughlin will play Bell as a child. Ralph Tresvant will be portrayed by newcomers Algee Smith and Jahi Winston, while Ronnie DeVoe will be played by Straight Outta Compton star Keith Powers and Myles Truitt. Woody McClain and child actor Tyler […]

Is Cookie pregnant in season two of Empire? Jussie Smollet and the hit show returns to Fox for season two on September 23rd and you’ve got to…