This past week, Keaton Jones went viral when his mom, Kimberly Jones, posted a video of him crying about being bullied. The emotional video, which was posted December 8, got waves of support from celebrities like LeBron James, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Brown, and T.I. Chris Evans of Captain America fame even offered Keaton and his mom […]

Today’s headlines are riddled with reports of adolescents and teens committing suicide after being taunted and harassed by their peers. Just last week, ten-year-old Ashawnty Davis took her own life after after video of a fight she was involved in was shared at school. It’s clear bullying is a social epidemic among the youth, and one […]


Chelisa Grimes gave her gay son, Darnell “Dynasty” Young, a stun gun to protect himself against bullies, after she lost faith that officials at Arsenal…

Our great friends over at has been covering ways to prevent bullying in our community. As Houston-area school districts tackle the issue of bullies in schools, a growing number of parents have turned to new tactics to protect their children. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instructor Marcos Cerqueira, of the Heights Jiu-Jitsu Club, said the number of […]

In light of all the celebrities speaking up and out about the bullying epidemic in America, Supermodel/Mogul Tyra Banks reveals in a recent interview that she was a bully in elementary school. Watch more  from below.